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Curb Appeal

Get ready to stop traffic with Curb Appeal Roses!

When you think of roses, you picture fences and arbors completely covered in a mass of color and fragrance. Or perhaps the rose garden of your dreams contains rows of shrub roses that are loaded with big beautiful colorful blooms. The roses you are envisioning certainly have "Curb Appeal". When the roses are in full bloom in the spring they are outstanding and will stop traffic in front of your house! The problem is that some climbers may bloom only once a year … and by the fall, hybrid teas can be leggy and void of leaves on the bottom half of the bush due to black spot or other garden ailments. Even if you have kept black spot completely under control your leaves can turn yellow and fall off due to too much rain. If you like to cut and share your blooms your bushes may not be very colorful additions to the garden. That’s where "Curb Appeal" roses come to the rescue. Roses that are known for an abundance of bloom - all year long. These are varieties that stay attractive and add color to your garden.

When planning your garden you should ask yourself a few questions:

Do I want long stem cutting roses?

Do I want to stop traffic in front of my house?

Am I willing to spray my roses weekly?

If loads of color and abundant blooms are what you are looking for, the "Curb Appeal" roses recommended should be your first choice when choosing varieties. These roses are mostly floribundas, climbers, shrubs and old garden roses. Although they can be cut for bouquets, we like to leave the blooms on the bushes for maximum garden color … adding "curb appeal" throughout the year. (Unless these roses are also on the easy care list, you can assume that our results come from a regular spray program.)

All the varieties listed do well in Central Florida and are grown successfully by our members. Look over the list … choose your favorites … with a little planning you can have the rose garden of your dreams.